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In 1984 I commenced a career with a Home Office police force

Customer Question

In 1984 I commenced a career with a Home Office police force in the UK. The expectation was that I would serve 30 years and pay into the pension scheme. I planned my personal life and finances around this so that I would be able to complete my last year of service at the top of the payscale for my rank. I timed my promotion so that the incremental raise of 4 annual steps would achieve this 5 years ago. Immediately after I had done this the current government announced a range of temporary measures including a freeze on incremental raises based on service.
So I have never reached the top of the pay scale. As I am now due to retire I will have my pension calculated on a lower rate. This is worth about £200 per month less than I anticipated and the lump sum commutation is reduced by about £17000. Assuming I live for another 20 = 25 years I will have lost about £75000.
A colleague who joined at the same time as me who was promoted more than 5 years before myself is currently getting paid more than me for doing the same job and will realise the full pension. A younger colleague who got promoted at the same time as myself and has some years to go can look forward to reaching full pay and full pension as the freeze is due to be lifted in April.
I think I have been unfairly treated. Is there any way I can challenge this as an inequality issue or breach of contract?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  taratill replied 4 years ago.

taratill :

Hello my name is Jenny and I am happy to help you today. Have you raised a complaint about this? If so what was the response?

JACUSTOMER-2tiex4xz- :

No, I haven't raised a complaint because it was imposed on us by the Home Secretary, Teresa May.The Police Federation representing police officers interests seem to have accepted that there is no point arguing with a government imposed direction. I would think that only a very small number of sergeants will have been affected by this coincidence of timing.

JACUSTOMER-2tiex4xz- :

I can't rate your service yet as you haven't given me any information; all you have done is ask me a question. I hardly think that is worth £33. My question to you was whether I can challenge my circumstances as inequality or as a breach of contract. If you are unable to assist please say so and refund my money.