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My daughter who is a admin officer was approached yesterday

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My daughter who is a admin officer was approached yesterday by the Manager who was in a fury. She ran up to my daughter's desk and pushed her face right into my daughter and through clenched teeth started screaming at her and swearing, there was witnesses to this. The problem was by daughter was taking notes for the General Manager during a grievance against the Manager and he felt that she was wrong so upheld the grievance, when the manager was told she went into a fury and went running for my daughter although she was only the note taker.My daughter thought she was going to hit her an she pushed her chair back, at this the Manager stood up and as she went to the door she shouted we will come back to this in Monday. My daughter almost felt assaulted and most certainly intimated and threatened - where does she stand legally - she felt like going to the police but didn't. Could you give us some advice. Mary. .‎

Hi Mary , thank yo for your question. Your daughter does not need to tolerate abuse or threatening behaviour. Such behaviour can amount to an assault even if there was no physical assault. She should immediately complain to the General Manager or to whoever else is the manager of this particular person.

She should make it a formal grievance. An employer owes a duty to protect its employees and should take action.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your help, my daughter is highly stressed now and will take it up tomorrow on her return to work with her Manager's line Manager, she was going to try and resolve with Manager first is that a good move or not.

I think it is up to her to decide if she wants to resolve it with the manager but from what you say it really is a matter that should be dealt with higher up as she should not have to put up with such treatment and this person does not sound fit to be a manager.