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Hi I have been suspended from work being accused of abusive

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Hi I have been suspended from work being accused of abusive behavior this came from one of my customers who I didt want to work with any longer I am self employed and i am pregnant. I don't know what to do
Hi welcome to just answer. Can you explain what you do and how you can be suspended if you are self employed? You cannot be suspended if you are not and employee unless your contract clearly allows this, Otherwise it is a breach of contract.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am dance ticher I work with children I pay rent in place I work , this customers wrote this letter to the management of this building so they said they have to investigate and I am suspended to come to work.
So you rent premises and they have barred you, They cannot do that, If you are renting the place it is not their business to deal with your customers and you should tell them they are in breach of contract in excluding you form the premises.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Also they tald me not to talk to any if of my customers on a phone till investigation is complete and every 1 texts me to find out where I am and when is the next lesson
If this is your business and you are simply running it form their premises then they have no right to tell you not to communicate with your customers. You should tell customers that you have a temporary issue about the premises and you will come back to them as soon as possible .

You should tell the landlords that they are interfering with your business and causing you loss and damage and whilst you are happy to discuss any customer issues they are not entitled to suspend you or give you instructions about your business.
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