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I work for the NHS for the past 14years I have had several

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I work for the NHS for the past 14years I have had several DSB in the past and nothing ever come up . I apply for a job in the NHS and a DSB was done , and it show two caution when I was 14 years old I am now 40year old and have not be involved with the police since or any trouble . Why has this happen and why have them come up now , and what foes it mean for my job .

tdlawyer :

Hello, thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I can assist with this.

tdlawyer :

Firstly, I'd like to think that the search result from 30 or so years ago would have no bearing now, particularly when you were 14 years old when the cautions were given.

Customer: Could I get them removed of my DSB and
tdlawyer :

What were they for?

Customer: Shoplift and use threatening abusive insulting words or behaviour to cause fear or provocation of violence , public order act 1986 s.4(1) (a) assault occasioning actual bodily harm . I'm a mental health nurse
tdlawyer :

Okay. Regrettably, because there are two cautions, these will not get removed on an enhanced check. New rules came into force last year which allow an old conviction or caution to be removed, but it must be the sole conviction/caution. As you have two, these will always remain under the present system. The details of those rules are here:

Customer: Could this have any effect on my job as a mental health nurse
tdlawyer :

I wouldn't have thought so, you've been working for the NHS for 14 years without issue. I doubt they would be interested in knowing what you got up to at 14 year old, almost 30 years or so ago!

tdlawyer :

I understand why you might be concerned, but I don't think you need to worry.

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