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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Employment Law
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HiI work for a UK company which is registered at Companies

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I work for a UK company which is registered at Companies House, my contract is with this UK company and our suppliers are paid by this company. Our parent company is based in Germany and is a privately owned company (1 family) and the three owners are listed as directors of the UK company.
Our company does not receive any monies and we rely on our German parent company for income. We have not been paid our full salary for May, none for June - I have entered a greivence letter/have a g. meeting /contacted ACAS etc.
However I am unsure of our legal standing - if I sued to company would it be the UK company or the German one?
As we owe a large number of suppliers could they force the UK company into Administration in it's own right or would they have to go to Germany?
Thanks for your question. From what you say your contract is with the UK company and that is th company you would have to claim against for your unpaid salary. Similarly creditors of the UK company would have to pursue that company, not the parent company.
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