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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
Category: Employment Law
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Hello Ben, I took your advice and asked for redundancy, the

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Hello Ben, I took your advice and asked for redundancy, the business still hasn't transferred but they said they need me to give them a letter asking for redundancy, I understand that they probably want proof in case they make me redundant and then I turn around and say I didnt want it. Is there any reason I shouldn't provide them with such a letter? I know theyre protecting themselves but I need to protect myself too, so your advice would be appreciated. Many thanks Karen.
Ben Jones :

Hello again, if you did not believe that the new job you were being offered was suitable then you need to advise the employer of this and tell them the reasons you believe that to be the case. So you will be listing the reasons which in your opinion makes the offer unsuitable and ask them to either keep your old job open, offer you something which is suitable or make you redundant. So there is no reason why you should not provide them with such a letter as long as you clearly state that you are rejecting the offer they have made and the reasons you are doing this, which need to refer to the unsuitability of that role

Ben Jones :

Hello, I see you have accessed and read my answer to your query. Please let me know if this has answered your original question or if you need me to clarify anything else for you in relation to this? I just need to know whether to close the question or not? Thanks

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