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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
Category: Employment Law
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Hi Ben have spoke with you before I have a meeting next week

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Hi Ben have spoke with you before I have a meeting next week with hr about contract they are now saying they want to do away with my tupe contract and issue me another with there new t&c s if I don't agree they are giving me notice and I'm out can they do this
Ben Jones :

Hello again, can you please remidn me how long you have worked there for and also will these new terms be much different to your current ones?

Customer: 8 years location & hours different same work but much more responsibility may have call out rota
Ben Jones :

Ok from checking I have already discussed the circumstances in which an employer can change your contract of employment following TUPE:

If these do not apply here then any changes the employer introduced would be void and you do not have to accept them because you can rely on the TUPE protection which preserves your terms with which you transferred over. If the employer refuses to accept this and still tries to force the changes through, then you can initially raise a grievance, but if that does not help either then your only option would be to resign and then make a claim for constructive dismissal in the employment tribunal.

Customer: How much does it cost to get to tribunal stage I'm on 20thousand a year think they would say we have offered me a job and I said no my be I might get nothing what do you think
Ben Jones :

before you go to tribunal you need to use ACAS to try and negotiate a settlement with the employer and that is free. If no agreement can be reached then you can go to tribunal. To make the claim is £1,200 and any additional costs would depend on whether you use a lawyer or not, although one is not needed

Customer: What if they terminate me first
Ben Jones :

same applies, you would then be claiming for unfair dismissal and the process and the fees are the same

Customer: Think they are going to make life tough But don't want to leave for a few hundred quid I'm 51 now jobs about but would need to take pay cut thanks for now
Ben Jones :

no problem you are welcome

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