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Ben Jones
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Hello, Im working like a cleaner and Ive signed a contract

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I'm working like a cleaner and I've signed a contract for providing services with the agency.
Under one of the agreement, I agree to give a 6 weeks notice to the client and the contractor, if I wish to cancel servicing the client.
I phoned and give an oral the notice to the contractor on 18 of August and the contractor told me that my last service will be on 25 of September. On 3 of September the contractor called me, to inform me, that the client canceled last two services on 18 and 25 of September, because she is going on holiday and that's why I have to go after 25 of September for cleaning. I said, that for me this is not right and the contractor said to me - " when we will defiance, than you 'll go for cleaning until 30 of October".
I am thinking that it's not necessary to go after 25 of September, because I gave the 6 weeks notice, and the services was canceled from the client. Am I right or no?
Thank you in advance for your answer!
Best regards,
Ben Jones : Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Did the agreement specifically say that the notice had to be in writing?

No it is quote - she agrees to give 6 week notice to the client and the contractor if she wish to canceel servicing the client, otherwice a payment of 200 agreed will be paid

Ben Jones : Have they said what will happen if you do not continue past the 25 Sept?

No, they closed the phone

Ben Jones : Do they still owe you any money?

I paid a deposit of 50


only this

Ben Jones : Ok from the contract it appears you only need to give them 6 weeks notice and there is no mention whether this has to be done in any particular way so the fact that you gave it to them verbally should still be enough. Not just that but they also accepted the notice and confirmed your last day of work. There would be nothing contractual that they can use to extend the notice period, although you should still check if that is the case. In any event they cannot force you to continue working for them and the worst that could happen is they try and sue you for any losses they believe they have incurred as a result of this. However as you gave the correct notice it would be difficult for them to show you are liable in any way and they must also show that losses have been suffered. Not only that but they also have to take you to court and win and that rarely happens

Thank you so much! I'll not work after 25 of September and I'll speak with the client too.

Ben Jones : You are welcome

Have a nice evening!

Ben Jones : Many thanks, ***** *****
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