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taratill, Solicitor
Category: Employment Law
Satisfied Customers: 6463
Experience:  15 years experience of advising on employment law matters
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Dear *****ny, I hope you are well. I need some advice in

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Dear *****ny,
I hope you are well.
I need some advice in family and Immigration law.
The problems is as followed:
My fiancée has a nice nearly 17 years old and a nephew nearly 16. They parents have never treated them well and my fiancée is the one that supports them in every way. Our main concern has raised now has we believe that the kids are at permanent risk and imminent danger.
The kids’ mother and father has started now physical and mentally abusing them in special the little girl. Her mother yesterday for no reason start heavily beating her up in her head, and heavy swearing and her that the poor kid was even embarrassed to repeat the low names her mother was calling her.
Her mother even said that the social services can take her that she doesn’t care.
I have met the kids and I can confirm that they are great and respectful kids, and they do not deserve to be treated like that.
It is out of the Human Rights for them to be treated like that.
They are not based in the UK or EU and unfortunately they do not have the right to remain in the UK.
They are from a little country named Macedonia, the country is trying to join the EU but have not archived that state as yet.
My fiancée and I are seriously thinking to bring them to live and study in the UK but we are aware of the complications that it may to get them a visa.
I would like to know is my fiancée being British and the kids being in danger what and how can we do to make sure they can came to live with us in the UK where they will have a normal life out of danger.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Kindest Regards,
Jorge Fortes
taratill :

Hi unfortunately family law is not my area so I will pass this on to someone else. You do not need to respond they will get back to you asap.


thank you Jenny. If you can please put it forward to someone in the Family and Immigration law area.


Thank you .

taratill, Solicitor
Category: Employment Law
Satisfied Customers: 6463
Experience: 15 years experience of advising on employment law matters
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Can you afford to pay for their ongoing education?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Clare,

I hope you are well.

Thank you for having a look into this matter as we are talking about lives that are in imminent and direct danger.

Yes we can afford to pay for they living and educational expenses and everything else that they may need.

looking forward to hearing from you soon,



have you looked at the requirement for Educational Visas?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


No. I haven't.

Will the parents agree to your plan?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

That's negative. I don't believe they will. But mistreating them as they do I believe that they are breaking the European Law in conjunction with the United Nations law in regards ***** ***** Law and Child Protection as they are Physically and mentally abusing them. Please correct me if I am wrong. And recently it came to our attention that when the little girl was 9 years old, both, her mum and dad closed her in a room and beaten her up so bad that she even came to the point of having blood bobbles in her body. They asked her at school but she was forced to lay saying that it was an allergy. Please if you can give me some guidance on what to do.

Thank you

I am afraid that that is a matter which will have to be dealt with in Macedonia
At what age can a child leave home there?