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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
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#I have received a job offer from a Microsoft Partner for

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Hi#I have received a job offer from a Microsoft Partner for an ERP Project manager position.
The probation period is 6 months but the notice period is one week during this period.
Is it a common practice to establish one week?
I have thought that this could be referred to the fact that i am not an Uk native, even if the interview went well and my CV shows experience.
Ben Jones : Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.Do you mean you believe the notice period reflects the fact you are foreign?
JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

It is an idea of mine, because i don;t know if it is common have 1 week of notice period.

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

it seems too short. this is an idea of mine.

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

the job is in London, so i don'T know if this is related to the nature of the business, the common practice in London

Ben Jones :

well there is no such thing as common practice really - a company is able to choose whatever notice period they want as long as it is longer than the legal minimum the employee would be entitled to. The law gives employees 1 week notice period in the first 2 years of employment so they are already giving you the minimum you would be entitled to by law. I have seen many examples of an employee having only 1 week's notice period in the first 2 years so it is not strange to see 1 week's notice period for the probationary period of 6 months. I doubt your nationality has anything to do with this

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

unfortunately i have been leaving here only for 2,5 years and the previous contracts had:

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

3 months probation period with a month of notice period

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

One opinion not strictly legal: why companies should have this approach, if they think that the candidate should be an asset in they organization? 6 months is a reasonable period of time for both parties, but i can;t understand why one week...

Ben Jones :

yes but each employer is free to choose whatever notice period they want, so one company can have a month's notice, anther can have 3 months' notice, an another can just have a week's notice - there is no such thing as common practice, each employer chooses the notice period they want to have

Ben Jones :

one week is not uncommon in a probationary period because if they do not feel you are right for the company then they can remove you with the minimal time

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

I obviously understand it.

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

This is a selection criteria after the interview as i supposed.

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

thank you for your support.

Ben Jones :

ok but the employer is not doing anything illegal here, they are legally entitled to choose what notice period suits them so just because other employers may have longer notice periods in the probationary period, it does not mean they have to do the same

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

Of course yes. You are completely right at all. My question was due to the lack of practice in UK.

JACUSTOMER-8xrmdc9c- :

Thank you . Regards.

Ben Jones :

in UK law the employer only has to give the employee the minimum notice period entitled to by law and in the first 2 years of employment it is just 1 week

Ben Jones :

you are welcome, all the best

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


i have accepted a job offer and i have signed the contract.

The job offer is conditioned to the successfully background check( references, criminal records ..).

if i find another job, can i: resign from the offer and contract?

Thank you

you can do but you would be expected to give them some notice, such as the notice period required by contract
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


thank you to have given me a free week trial.

I have another question:

1. I have put on my cv a job title for the first period of employment ( 3 months) ( ie. Project management support/ Business analyst)

2. after this period i have added another job title THAT REPRESENT THE REAL JOB I HAVE DONE (Project manager/Business analyst)

3. i have received an offer that is subject to the positive verification fo the following points:

- proof of the right to work in UK ( i am EU citizen -so i am ok)

- receipt of a background check that may include:

an identity check ok

adverse financial no problems

basic criminal records idem as above

and driving licence check i have EU licence and not uk, however they can check and i have only penalties to park in not allowed areas

the first four point above are written in the offer

However they also ask references to the last two employers to see if what i declare corresponds to what the employers declare.


I have written down the title Project support/Business analyst because i know that my current employer will declare this.

Every other information required will matches ( dates of employment etcetera).


if have written on the CV that the current role is Project manager/BA

and I have declared on the form that the role is Project management support/Business analyst.( confirmed)


What are the consequences of this kind of differences for the validity of the background check and therefore for the Offer, if any?

Thank you

Hi, please post this as a separate question on our site, thanks