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i have a contract stating my wages are paid from the begining

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i have a contract stating my wages are paid from the begining to the end of each month my boss wants to change payday to the middle of each month start date end of date but then we get paid about 2 weeks later the money is the same the hr lady says that as they are only changing dates and they have given us enough warning they are within there rights to do this
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, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. How long have you worked there for?



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Whilst a contract will generally serve as formal reference to an employee’s terms, in does not mean that it can never be changed. Sometimes business needs will require changes to employment terms and how reasonable these changes are would depend on the effect they have on the employee. , changing someone’s job or pay is a serious change that would not always be permitted just by giving notice and the affected employee could try and challenge that, sometimes even by going as far as resigning and claiming constructive dismissal. However, less important changes such as the payment date is not going to be taken as a serious enough change to justify that and as long as the employer has acted reasonably and the employees are not affected financially, it should be permitted. The only way to really challenge this is to argue that you may not have been given sufficient notice, you have not been able to make the necessary arrangements to change your outgoings so that you are not affected by this, but all it would mean is a longer notice period so you can do that, it would not prevent the changes.



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