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I have been on one date with someone at work and I want to

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I have been on one date with someone at work and I want to understand the implications. She is a contracter and I am permanent. We do not work under the same boss, and we do not work together on any projects. I checked our policy and it says roughly....
A coi may arise if you can influence things such as recognition and pay. It also says if you have an interest in or personal relationship with someone who could get a benefit, such as family members or other personal relationships that would look like improper ness due to benefit which could occur. It also says if you do business with someone.......
I don't really understand does this prevent you dating someone at work, or just if you could influence factors such as pay and position ect which I cannot
Ben Jones : Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. How long have you worked there for and is there a policy preventing that?
Customer: Hi I have been there 2 years, the only policy I see about relationships is what I put in my question
Customer: I don't really understand it that's why I ask
Ben Jones :

Hi, this won’t be a blanket policy preventing you from dating anyone at work. However, certain relationships will be under greater scrutiny than others. For example if the relations you have with the other person mean that either of you can gain benefits or preferential treatment in the workplace then it could be seen as a conflict of interest. For example, you were dating your boss, or someone with influence over your job or benefits you get then that may prevent you from taking things further with that person and remain in the job at the same time. But if the person is just someone employed by the same company and you have no professional links with them, they cannot influence your job or status and vice versa then it should not be an issue to have a relationship with them.

Customer: Hi thanks, ***** ***** in the same department, but under different subsets as in our roles and managers are different. She is also a contractor so I caould not nominate them for any recognition as that's only for perms ant staff. We have no influence on each others job role as we are in different departments. This is the only thing I find. So I should assume with nothing else in policies that it's ok and if it got serious I could mention to my manager?
Ben Jones :

yes, but just a reminder that until you have 2 full years service you are not protected against unfair dismissal so until that is reached you are at risk of dismissal if the employer doe snot like what you are doing - after that they have certain rules to follow and it is unlikely they will just be able to remove you so I suggest you delay telling your employer until you have at least these 2 years under your belt

Customer: Ok thanks, ***** ***** know that. Really I think I am worrying for nothing, our company is very large and as long as my work is done and I am professional at the workplace, I am not sure anyone would notice or care.
Customer: Thanks for your help
Ben Jones :

you are welcome, all the best

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