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As you can tell i am very stressed about my situation hence

Customer Question

As you can tell i am very stressed about my situation hence being awake at 4 am. My issue is i feel i have been unfairly treated at work regarding a situation. I have had my union involved but did not get the service i expected. An incident occurred last year 12 February 2014. It was a group idea that a valentines card should be sent/given to my practice supervisor. I took the blame by apologising to my supervisor and my verbal apology was accepted. In between there was the gossiping people making comments people asking was it you and staring going on. It was a very embarassing and it was a difficult day. As this behaviour continued with staff i sought to address the situation with my male supervisor on the same day. I asked to meet with him at the end of the day away from the building as i was worried others would overhear. instead this discussion took place at work. He felt that i wanted a relationship with him and did not let me speak. the discussion concluded and he asked me if we were ok. I said yes. March 2014 change of line manager to current manager a female due to supervision with supervisor not being completed. Supervisor attempted to raise incident with me and got angry i asked why he was getting upset. He denied he was upset his body language and tone of voice showed he was upset and and he was intimidating me and bullying me. He said he wasn't sure he wanted to continue supervision i said fine and packed my bags. He informed my current manager before i could.

1st july this 2014, i hear a colleague discussing that i had asked to meet with supervisor privately, on another road, away from work Please note that did not take place and was discussed at work instead. Therefore confidentiality had been breached. I requested a meeting at work 1st July 2014 and informed him of what i heard. He later admitted that he had told another lower graded colleague. My Supervisor then put in a complaint against me under 'dignity at work procedures.' I was not informed by management until some time in September, 7 weeks later, as he went off sick. I was not informed about the grounds for his complaint until i asked my manager via e-mail until 2 to 3 weeks later. i was informed the complaint was 'sexual harassment.' During this period i experienced harassment form my senior manager e mails regarding work and by another practice supervisor. They refused to sign my mileage claims, queried my electronic calendar and being given complex cases. Expecting me to complete duty though this is not in my job description. Checking up on me to see if i arrive on time for duty. Checking to see if i turn up at other offices by asking where i sit. Querying the duty calls i have taken.Due to stress and the situation my union were involved. i was not kept informed by my current manager of what was happening until later on. I was told there would be an investigation but could give no specifics. the investigation was only recently concluded as of last week therefore i have been under investigation for 5 moths but it has been a year since the incident occurred. This complaint was out of timescales it has to be issued within 3 months of the incident, my employerXXXX have still chosen to investigate. Investigation was completed and was not impartial as a judgement was recorded on notes. Prior to the outcome meeting with a Head of Service, i was given notes of my investigation meeting a day before there was no time to prepare and there were inaccuracies which had to be amended. Outcome of investigation- written warning on file ( the first i have ever had) two other people were involved in the incident and denied involvement and got away with it. I have had no letter explaining what label they have attached on my file yet, no notes from the outcome of the meeting. I want to know if there is a case to pursue discrimination as i have been told i must move or they will move me. I am unclear on what grounds they are moving me and can they do this. I have since visited new team it does not look good.I have been told i must work from another site until i move. i also want to request the full report of the investigation as it concerns me and want to know if i can do this. i have a stress risk assessment in place that has not been reviewed.My manager had been avoiding it. can i request a transfer due to the stressors on my risk assessment. I just really need advice. Please note that the investigation and comments by staff about have been shared across XXX incuding outside organisations. There has been no confidentiality as the male practice supervisor and colleagues within the team have known what was discussed. My practice Supervisor was informed well before me of the outcome of the investigation meeting.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 3 years ago.
Ben Jones : Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. How long have you worked there for?