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JGM, I am the General Manager of an hoticultural nursery

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I am the General Manager of an hoticultural nursery earning £47k/year.The parent company has recently been taken over by another business. They have effectively demoted me and reduced my salary to £41k. The new GM wants me to become 'commercial manager'.There is a further appointment about to be made in the business further diluting my role there and I feel 'unsettled'
Is this part of a reorganisation of the business by the new owner as a result of which your original role is no longer required?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Apologies - I have been at work!

There has been no formal restructuring of the business. The new general manager has taken over many of my former duties. Today I was given a new contract to sign as the commercial manager - 5 weeks after reducing my salary. I don't want to be the commercial manager - what are my options?

You options are to sign the new contract or to refuse to sign and consider making a tribunal claim on the basis that you don't agree with your change in status and salary decrease.
You still have the same employer notwithstanding the change of ownership of the parent company.
They can't do this to you unless you agree. Generally if you don't agree they would have to make your position redundant and pay you whatever redundancy you are entitled to. Although there has been no formal restructuring there is a potential redundancy situation in that part of your job has been taken over by another person.
If that happens there has to be a consultation about your future role in the company and if you refuse that future role they have to deal with that.
They can't just unilaterally change your role and your salary in the way that you describe.
You should either raise a grievance with them directly or, better still, seek a meeting with a local employment lawyer for assistance in doing so.
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