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. I was due to join a new company in November last year,

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Hello. I was due to join a new company in November last year, but had a change of heart 3 weeks before I joined and decided to stay put. I notified the company through the recruitment consultant that I wasn't to join and also through their HR director.
I'd not noticed until now, but the company I was going to join have been paying me a basic salary since November 2014, even though I've never worked for them !!!! I'm in sales so earn a basic and commission and really pay very little attention to my bank statements as I live at home with my parents. Last couple of months have been expensive with looking to buy a house and other expenses and now I've seen that it looks like I've received up to £9k in payments from a company I've never worked for and am in a position where I can't pay it back.
The company are yet to contact me but I would like to contact them to make them aware of this over payment. Where do I stand ?
Even thought it's their mistake, the company can demand payment back from you in full at any time.
If you have spent the money I suggest that from a practical point of view you go to see them and explain what has happened and how you managed to spend the money without noticing. Normally if they sued you in court, the court would consider an application by you to pay the money back in instalments. A year is about the amount of time that would be allowed.
Happy to discuss further.
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