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Few of us have contracts from our employer and each director

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Few of us have contracts from our employer and each director in charge of different branches have different rules. My director is trying to reduce our annual holidays to include bank holidays and that Xmas closure will also come out of the entitlement. We will have somewhere in the region of free leave of between 15 and 17 days holidays. Other branches appear to be remaining as before - leave plus bank holidays. There is also a variation of entitlements within each branch - 24 days, 25 days and 20 days. Can my manager do this to his staff? Could there be ramifications for staff in other branches if we fight this. Do we have rights to fight this. Can we counter claim for the current basic entitlement of 28 days plus bank holidays?
Your statutory entitlement is to 28 days holiday including bank holidays. If your contract provides for less than this you are entitled to the statutory minimum. If your contract provides for more you are entitled to what your contract says and this can't be varied by the employer unless you agree to the variation. If there is a Christmas shutdown they can insist that you take part of your holidays during that period. Happy to discuss further.
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