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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Employment Law
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I started a new job as a domicilliary carer on monday 18/05/2015.

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I started a new job as a domicilliary carer on monday 18/05/2015. The ad had said £7.50 ph and the advisor told me it was 20pence a mile milage. I now find that I get 20p a call, and for the first 3 months it is £6.50 ph and even after that no one gets £7.50ph. You dont get paid until you login into and out of a persons home or via your own mobile the persons homes in my case have been 6.2 miles there and 7.7miles. I have been given 10 minutes to get from one call to another in rush hour traffic , three of my calls are for only 15 minutes I have been out and about for 12 hours whilst being paid for about 3.75hrs a day. Itold my manager I wanted to quit earlier in the week and he onvinced me to stay with promises of better times . The new rota came yesterday and it was the same so I told him yesterday that I was quiting at the end of today to allow him time to cover my hifts. HE said I must give 4 weeks notice. He has text me at 5.15 am earlier in the week in answer to a query the day before.He has a lady side kick who also phoned me ealier in the week and she used the health of the service user to emotionally blackmail me to stay. She has phoned me last night and today but I have ignored the call. Wil there be consequences if I quit at the end of today? Do I have a leg to stand on Its been hell all week. Thank you
Your employer is in breach of contract by not paying wages and expenses at the level you were told when you accepts the offer of employment.
Because of that you can leave without giving notice. The usual amount of notice is 1 week unless your contract says otherwise but this doesn't apply if the employer is in breach of the contract which they are.
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