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Ben Jones
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Jones We have spoken to the branch staff regarding

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For Ben Jones
We have spoken to the branch staff regarding the closure of the branch. Ideally we would like to retain the staff until late November/Dec however Middlesbrough have today announced that SSI in Redcar has closed will 1700 employees losing their jobs.
I was asked today by a member of our Middlesbrough branch that if they found employment before December would they still receive their Redundancy and Notice. Obviously under normal circumstances if they found a job then they would lose their rights to redundancy pay however we don't wish for this to happen can we negotiate a leave date if required. One member of staff has stated that she doesn't wish to work her notice and would rather go sooner rather than later but expects her Redundancy and Stat. Notice payment as she has been with us for 20+ year if staff don't want to work their notice period can we just pay them and let them go ?
Hello, my name is***** am a solicitor on this site and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Have the staff been issued with formal notice of redundancy yet?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No not yet... we are visiting the branch tomorrow. Probably to confirm the branch is definately closing.

You are free to let staff go at any time and pay them their notice and redundancy. So if someone wants to leave now then you can just terminate their employment by paying them in lieu of notice and their redundancy pay, ending their employment with immediate effect. You are quite flexible in that respect. The difference here is you are willing to pay them what they are due - if you really wanted to you could wait and not issue them with notice of redundancy until the last minute and anyone who has resigned before that would not get redundancy as they would be resigning m, not being made redundant. But if you want to pay then redundancy then you can agree to end their employment whenever you want; be it straight away or waiting to give them notice and letting them work their notice period.
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