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Category: Employment Law
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We are in the process of selling up and moving abroad. We have

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We are in the process of selling up and moving abroad. We have to go abroad in the next four weeks to purchase the land to build our property (this has happened sooner then we expected) I have no holiday entitlement left. I asked for a weeks unpaid leave (I should explain I have worked for the company nearly 12 years and have never asked for any favours before) I was refused and told in no uncertain terms I could not go. So I offered to hand in my notice. This was refused. I have now today been offered that.. I hand in my notice - he will advertise my job - I apply and get it. But have to start a new contract. That is basically starting again, with the same salary but lose my 5 weeks holiday entitlement which I accrued after 10 years service - is my employer correct in what he has said? and was I wrong in asking for the favour in the first place?
You can't insist on unpaid leave so you can't go abroad. If you do the employer can treat it as gross misconduct and fire you.
His suggestion of you resign and be reemploued is self serving from his point of view and you don't want to entertain this under any circumstances.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
So therefore the only way I could go abroad to do the legal business is to hand in my notice and leave? I'm sorry I don't understand the meaning of Self Serving? do you mean he's doing this for his own benefit?