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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
Category: Employment Law
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Thank you so much very comprehensive response. He

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Thank you so much for your very comprehensive response. He has had a reply back from the restaurant owner. I have copied it below exactly as she sent it - terrible English!
Dear ***** McMillan
I will not be accepting your letter of reservation two days ofter your went AWOL.
You have heavily breach your contract and we have now put this in the hands of our solicitor. Until we have their advice we will be with holding pay that may be due to you.
You will be hearing from us in due course.
Gillian Bowman
Please could you advise what he should do? We have drafted a letter quoting the Employment Act that you mentioned and stating that he will escalate it. Is there anything else he can do? He is worried that although she is clearly in the wrong, she could easily string it out for weeks before she is forced to pay, and he cannot afford for this to happen.
Hello again, what is he hoping to achieve - get the ,money back ASAP I presume?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes, he is not at all interested in getting his job back. He simply would like to be paid the money he is owed as soon as possible, as he needs to pay his rent etc, and he was due to be paid for the month tomorrow.

Thank you for your help

The issue is that he cannot force her to pay him immediately, there is nothing he can do to ensure that. If she really wants to she can retain the money and force him top pursue her legally as mentioned earlier. But that won't guarantee the payments are made straight away. It will still take time for the claim to go through. So she can delay payment even if she legally owes it I'm afraid.
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