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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
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Private and Confidential , I work well known NHS establishment

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Private and Confidential
Hi, I work for a well known NHS establishment in the Works Department. Due to unfair treatment I have received over the last 2 years including stress related issue's that have effected my health, unfortunately I have had to resign and my last working day today. I have achieved all criteria for promotion but Management have purposely not allowed for this to happen. This I believe is because I have raised important issue's for example, why do we have a number of Managers and work colleagues in the works department that do not match criteria, skills and experience for there positions but somehow still promoted when work colleagues like myself have matched all criteria, experience and skills necessary, but are not even allowed to undertake a interview. Also I have had a great deal of victamisation due to being called into Managers offices over 10/15 times a day for no apparent reason and for example improvement notices issued to me for not answering radio when in fact radio has been reported many times broken in front of witnesses but some how still receive this through the post and still not issued with new one. The usual mind games as well as completely loaded with more work than I can possibly do compared to my work colleagues. Also when I have applied for positions advertised on the Trust Intranet, I have been immediately informed by my Line Manager that these have been advertised incorrectly, this only happens to me. I was also falsely accused of a false allegation by another Line Manager and when work colleagues were called to give evidence, the allegation had droped with no apology to me. Many of my work colleagues have all said they are Managing me out which seems to be the case. I have also raised Health and Safety Issues ranging from Asbestos to Electricity as my interest has always been the best interest of Patient safety First, work colleagues and me. As the majority of Management at the department have not got the skills, qualifications and criteria for there positions, they are unable to correct these important issue's so they then feel the need to bully and victamise the employee for raising the issues. It's a sad fact but you must here this all the time with employment cases. I have also raised many times as to why do HR immediately inform my immediate Line Manager when I apply for a position at the Trust as not only is this I thought private and confidential but also as the Line Manager also is the recruiting officer, how is this fare when they are bullying you and harnessing you at the same time. I firstly chose not to but September 2015 I had submitted an Grievance within the trust. I supplied a 200 page grievance with all facts and figures and could not believe the response following the Stage 1 process. The amount of lies produced was unbelievable supported with no facts unlike my 200 page grievance was supported with facts. I then released that Managers can take Managers verbal statements even though they do not have to supply no facts but this is different for me as they do not take my verbal statements as I have to produce evidence, unfair I feel. As my grievance has deliberately been delayed, I had only had my Stage two meeting 2 weeks ago. Now it was agreed that the meeting was to be recorded and I had also agreed. Due to this I had also taken the liberty to also record our meeting. During this meeting, myself and my union rep was asked to leave a number of times and it was said that an investigation could take up to another 4 /6 weeks, obviously I would not be employed by the Trust. When I had got home, I was very upset to hear HR making a remark of "If I would have my way, I can be quite force full and would make arrangements to give him the interview but would not pass as not got the right attitude and then laughing with the Chair of the meeting. I find this disgusting and hope you would agree. They was then both discussing what would make me go away and how to make me go away. They had also agreed that the Management Department I work in do not know what there doing. Other things were said but not as important as insinuating that I would have a fail mark before I had even attended the interview. I am aware at present I cannot supply this evidence to my union rep as this I believe is evidence of vitamisation. I have informed the Trust that due to Breach of Contract, I am giving them 3 months notice from the date of our meeting recently but the response I feel is that they certainly are invincible. I have witnessed work colleagues disappear over night after raising important Health and Safety Issues that need to be addressed and also aware of Managers breaking into work colleagues lockers and literally placing items in employees lockers that they should not have, then of course the employee is no where to be seen. I did not want to go to court as I believe is not best for NHS but feel I have no choice, please advise?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  taratill replied 1 year ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. How long have you worked there for?