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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
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Ben, My position was as a Staff Technical Information

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Hi Ben,
My position was as a Staff Technical Information Developer (Author) in Cambridge after two promotions.
I had been with ARM Ltd for 13 years 10 months. I started in September 2002 and ended by resignation on the 13th of June.
My last boss of nearly two years (Southern Ireland) had became very aggressive in several 1 to 1 meetings and a few tricks had been played on me. For example, an e-mail was shown to me (originating from Support) stating that a processor chip would not work with the GIC-500 product that I had been involved with over several years. The document was first published two years earlier. In fact, an Engineering Manager sitting next to me informed me that it could never work with our product because the company whom created the chip broke the original architectural specification from our company, and the people in Support already knew that.
Two years ago, my documents for the GIC-500 project were purposely made light pointing to the specification (over 800 pages) and reflecting on a management decision made at that time. However, that decision over the last month that I worked appeared to be now reversed by a new management decision originating from the Texas Austin Office.
I knew that my current project the GIC-600 was coming to an end in the next couple of months, and there was talk of cancelling the follow on project. So they might have been purposely making my life uncomfortable to stay. My current age is 62 which might have been a factor too! The 1 to 1 meetings with my former boss were very aggressive, and I was being deliberately wound up. She always looked around first to see that there was nobody else around the meeting room. I did not want to end up in court as a result of being incited to commit a violent act, so decided it was safer to leave ARM by resigning.
All these meeting were reported to Personnel, but I think they did not believe me. They should have, Steve Rose (a Staff Technical Author) was similarly wound up several years ago by his AFDS report (Annual report) from another manager. He walked out in disgust and returned to the company three or four days later. A month later he committed suicide, which might or might not have been a result of the report. Having been on a Union Board when working at Marconi Defence as a recorder, I witnessed many abuses to workers over a four year period, so I've become immune to tacticks.
My Union UNITE said that I was wrong to work the last month of my resignation, and I should have walked out, as did ACAS. They said it would be difficult to make a claim now. My reason for not walking out is that it would not look good to a new potential employer.
I was also told by the Director of Information Development that I will not receive a reference, only a letter to a potential employer stating a start date and an end date of the time that I spent at ARM. I think is appalling since over the years I had worked overtime on many occasions to meet timescales for the customers.
Am I left with any options, as I believe my reputation has been tarnished and I might now be unemployable? I have applied to many posts without success. I have however started my own book for children which could be a big success one day.
My question is do I have any options left in Employment Law?
If a team of people are responsible for producing and releasing a document (Lead Engineer, Support Engineer, Product Manager, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Documentation Manager, Author), how can the Author be made responsible for a former management decision,which results in agressive behaviour from the Documentation Manager? Resulting in my resignation.

Hello, my name is***** am a qualified lawyer and I will be assisting you with your question today. Can I just check what you are hoping to achieve please?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Ben,I've already replied to your comment, please acknowledge that you have received my reply.I'm going out for a walk now, so will have another look at this site in the afternoon.Alan Baker

Hello unfortunately I have not received your initial response - this message is the first I have seen as you can probably see from the history on the page. If you could please reply again that would be great, thanks

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sorry I entered one extra 3 above
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Ben,Here are the facts:The cause of my resignation was a fierce row over a document which had been out in the field for over two years.To be released in the first place it will have undergone planning, Alpha Release, Beta Release and Final Release. There would have been a review at each stage. Finally the Lead Engineer, Support Engineer of the Product, Leading Support Engineer, Product Manager, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Documentation Manager at the time would have had to give approval. This approval formed a legal contract between ARM and the Customer when it delivered the product (IP + Documentation). But there was a reverse of a Management decision two years later and they wanted more of the 600 page specification in the document Technical Reference Mamual (TRM). That's fine, I've no objections to a change of decision. But I was being blamed for a light TRM two years ago when it had been legally approved by the team. How can this be right? If my Manager is now saying it was not up to standard, then the document should not have been legally approved two years ago. In the end only a Release Note was updated with a few register values changed. This occurs when reset values have to be changed because of duplicate values, or an extra 0 might have been entered in the text and it requires correcting. The IP will also contain the most upto date values. My question is has the company broken any law in the way it treated me. Note my phone number is *****
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I can see a couple of text errors. Should have read "Technical Reference Manual TRM" and "uptodate".

Calling now

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Ben,Many thanks for the advice on the phone call.Cheers,Alan

You are most welcome, best of luck