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In the midst of employment tribunal proceedings, how would

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In the midst of employment tribunal proceedings, how would best a litigant in person go about making an offer to settle to the respondent? The case has gone past the preliminary hearing stage and allocated a full merits hearing with more than reasonable prospect of success. I have submitted schedule of loss which the respondent deems unrealistic and they have declined offer of judicial mediation from the judge. They are due to sbmit counter schedule of loss next week so would it be feesinle at that stage to make an offer to.settle between our two figures and what sort of format should that offer take?

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Are you genuinely interested in settling?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi ben
Yes that is my ideal solution

Either party can try and settle at any time, as late as in the middle of the final hearing – I have had parties settling in the break of the final hearing. As you do not meet face to face at this stage any negotiation over a settlement would usually have to be done in writing. To approach the other party with the intention of settling you would have to initiate ‘without prejudice’ discussions, which basically means off the record. There is no specific format to do this as long as you mark any correspondence in relation to settlement negotiations as being ‘Without Prejudice’ – this is usually put in bold like a subject of the letter/email, so for example:

“Dear Sir/Madam

Smith v Jones



I am writing to raise the possibility of negotiating a settlement in relation to the above claim….”

So this is it basically, then in the correspondence you outline what you are willing to settle for and then you just wait for their reply.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks benwould it likely go against them in a tribunal full hearing if no attempt at alternative dispute resolution is made including their declination of judicial mediation and would that make me able to pursue a full costs order for costs incurred going to a full hearing with no reasonable attempts to settle prior?

Costs are not easily awarded in the tribunal and you would really have to show that the other side had acted vexatiously or highly unreasonably or that they were pursuing something with very little prospects of success. Mediation and ADR are both voluntary so unless it was clear there was a very weak case which they had tried to continue defending anyway and incur further costs, their failure to agree to mediation is unlikely to allow you to oursue them for costs.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks again very much ben

You are most welcome