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michael holly
michael holly, Solicitor
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The respondent is refusing to add my documents into the and

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The respondent is refusing to add my documents into the bundle and keep asking to explain on what basis I believe the document to be relevant to an issue in the agreed list of issues? It is a whistle blowing case. The employer gave me unsatisfactory performance and refused to give me my bonuses. This was the detriment due to my whistle blowing. My document confirms that I have performed well and have not made any mistake or breach the rules. the documents also confirms that the wrongdoers were constantly breaching the rules and they were given wrong advices to the business. They all have been rewarded with satisfactory performance and high bonuses whereas me who's done nothing wrong got punished. I keep saying that these documents are relevant to my case and are part of my witness statement but they wont have it. What can I do next?

Make a bundle of the documents you wish to include.

Paginate and index them serve one copy on the respondents and file another copy in the tribunal explaining that you could not agree the bundle with the respondents and you believe them to be relevant. Remember to keep a copy for yourself!

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