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Note this is under employment law because there's not an

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note this is under employment law because there's not an option that covers this]
In December 2017, I was contacted by a company called Safety Guides Ltd. They claimed to be a charity who create anti bullying leaflets for schools.Since I was a victim of bullying, I accepted their sales pitch to fund a round of books. I paid approx £180 on 12th Dec 2017.Then in March 2018, they said that I stilled owed them another £179 (approx) for the booklets. I do not recall agreeing to this on the phone with them, thinking that it was a one off payment. They insisted that they recorded the call (although I don't remember them telling me this was happening).I never signed an agreement. They said it was a verbal agreement. I asked them to send me evidence that I said this, but they didnt and I didn't hear from them, until today, when I was called saying that my amount was still outstanding. Again, I refused saying that I haven't had any evidence from them. Again, they said that I made a verbal agreement. I've asked them to send me evidence in the post.They also said that on 6th March 2018 that my personal details had been removed from their database. Which clearly it hasn't.I've looked into this and found the following. Safety Guides Ltd is run by Matthew Ralphs.He used to be the director of Education Media Ltd - now dissolved.It looks like they were upsetting people with their approach years ago: I said, he's now the director of Safety Guide Ltd. - reroutes to website carries a "high risk" of being a scam and are still upsetting people with their approach under this guise.'re hiding behind the facade of being a "charity" but many people believe them to be a scam.Am I liable to pay them the outstanding balance in the light of all of this? Can I prevent them from contacting me from chasing this "debt"?

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Let me check the links you provided and I will reply on here

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Looks like similar things are being said on their trustpilot:

Do you know if they actually have the recordings as alleged?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I have no idea - I've seen other people on Trust Pilot say the exact same thing as me. Some people have asked to speak to their GDPR contact to request this info but no one has got it.

Has anyone that has made a review been on the receiving end of a claim by them?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
not that i have seen

Ok good. In the circumstances it is just your word against theirs. There appears to be no documentary evidence, be it a contract, emails, letters or transcripts, which suggest that you had agreed to this extra charge. The lack of such evidence, together with plenty of suggestions by others that this is what they usually do, does not give them strong grounds to take it further and prove they are right. I believe they operate an opportunistic scam where they hope that by making these demands some people pay. However, you certainly cannot be forced to pay anything until you are satisfied that you had contractually agreed to it. If you do not pay, it is for them to take it further and prove otherwise, which will be difficult. I do not believe that they will to be honest and you can advise them to stop contacting you, otherwise you will treat this as harassment and take it further yourself.

Does this answer your query?

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
that's great, thank you. If they contact me again, I'll document it and tell them they're harassing me.

All the best