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Ive spoken before about issues with an employer, and a

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HiIve spoken before about issues with an employer, and a grievance. This has been resolved. However, long story short during my grievance it was highlighted that part of my training had expired. I was working with violent young people and head office hadn’t notified me I needed to retake my qualification to manage violence. My manager at the time had written to acknowledge they should have done. I was injured in a car crash on the way to this course. The other party took full responsibility for the crash, and the insurance company offered to resolve it and I accepted. I was offered physio by the insurance company after an assessment and was advised to take it by the company I worked for. I could not return to work until I had completed the training and could not complete the training until I had completed the physio. I was classed as a bank member of staff and had no contract but had worked the same shifts for 11 years. I had spoken to yourselves about this and had the legal term custom and practice explained to me. The company don’t seem to understand this or care. My dr wrote saying that I shouldn’t work or complete the training until the physio had been completed based on my medical records. My manager at the time has written my shifts were always going to be in place, he viewed me as a permanent member of staff and had done for 11 years due to my work practice. The insurance company involved in the case say that they need to company to acknowledge in writing that I had lost that work, they won’t accept the ex managers letter or word. I’ve lost approximately £4,500. What can I do. The company haven’t replied to me for nearly a month

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Customer: replied 11 days ago.
I’d rather type than talk. Happy to review when finished

Thank you for your enquiry. I am sorry to hear that your employer seems to be dealing with this dreadfully. I don't see any reason as to why they cannot just confirm that you are a full time member of staff. However, if you have loset money as a result of their actions then basically they should be compensating you for this. I think what you require to do is instruct a solicitor to write to them (unless you feel the workplace grievance process would do any good). The lawyer can write and explain to the them that they are falling so far short of their responsibility then not only could it be actionable, but based on the details, it could potentially be a discrimination matter also. I will provide you with a link to find a local solicitor who can take this matter up for you. Alternatively I would be happy to offer a review of your issue and quote for a letter if you feel you would like to deal with it that way. Please do note you are under no obligation whatsoever to use my services and you are free to find any representation you like. One other piece of advice would be to send another letter today so that you are keeping the issue "alive" and you do not run out of time on the matter.

I hope this information has helped. You can find a local solicitor who deals with this on the law society webpage which is;

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Many Thanks

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
The issue is, I don’t have a contract. Other than, an as and when needed basis. I had worked in a management role previously, I left that to pursue music. I returned to the work because I missed it and positive impact I was having on children’s lives. The manager I then went to work for recognised my experience and we came with a pattern for me to work that suited us. That had been in place since the disciplinary and me filing my grievance. I believe the courses are now up and running again and I haven’t been contacted. I lost work from 4/12/2018 until the physio was completed end of March 2019. I tried to contact the company but wasn’t notified head office had been closed and moved. I was told when I got hold of HR there was no funding for me and filed my grievance. I was injured on my way to a course, I’d worked those shifts 11 years and don’t see why they can’t acknowledge there is no reason for it not to continue. I’m not asking for lies just a letter of acknowledgment. I do feel there is discrimination or some form of constructive dismissal as they’re not offering me this course.I would love you to quote

I understand that however, the reality is that you do have a contract whether one physically exists or not, also the fact they have not provided this to you in a physical form will not reflect well on them if you require to take action against them. I will offer a served to give you my email. If you accept this please send me a message back here so that I do not lose the text feed and we an take it from there. Many Thanks.

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Customer: replied 11 days ago.
What happens next?
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Sorry, are you still there? I’m not sure what’s happening

Apologies for the delay, I was offline when you replied. I will send my details now. If you can send me your contact details and a background to the situation then I can get in touch with you once I have reviewed this for you. Many thanks.

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
I’ve sent a reply to the support email
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Did you receive what I sent?
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Hi. I’ve sent details but heard nothing. Have I done it wrong ?

Thank you I have received your email at my office and reverted to you on the matter many thank. R.

Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Hi, I emailed a response to your questions the other day and haven’t heard back.

No not all I have received you email I will respond to you tomorrow as I have been out of office this week. Thank you for your patience.