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I had sought your advice previously in regard to Molynuex -

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Good evening
I had sought your advice previously in regard to Jack Molynuex - he is the son of my ex-manageress' partner and has been residing at the Hotel since early 2020. During this time he has not paid any rent and I have never issued him a tenancy agreement and is therefore in fact trespassing.
I sent notice to both my ex-manageress and Jack. Jack was due to leave yesterday (28/4/21) and only then, I received a reply via email whereby he claims he has a tenancy agreement for '3 Abigail Court'. This is an address which does not exist on Royal Mail records and a copy of the tenancy agreement is not included. In fact, there can be no legal tenancy agreement because the basement area is outside the areas inspected and authorised by the Local Authority therefore, any 'tenancy agreement' he manages to produce will have been signed for him retrospectively by my ex-manageress.
I have attached copies of the letters sent to Cathy (ex-manageress) giving her notice to vacate (page 1) and removal of items from the grounds (page 2) as well as the notice served to Jack and his reply to me today (Page 3)
Can you kindly confirm that- I am acting legally
- If I need to open up communication with Jack to discuss his claims and if not,
- I have already spoken to the Police who advised that they would only intervene if a conflict occurred. Can I can employ a private company to remove Jack (and his goods) if he fails to voluntarily vacate.
John Bale

Good evening, welcome to just answer. Thank you for your request, I will review what you have written now for  you.

Thank you for your patience, You must reply him and say in no uncertain terms that he is a tresspasser, he has never had authority to reside in the property and in any event the property he has made reference to by address does not exist. Advise him you will be reporting him to Action Fraud as any alleged tenancy agreement will have been drafted by somebody other than you and nobodyelse owns the property where he is unlawfully occupying, Request that he sent a copy of what he claims to be his tenancy agreement within 48 hours failing which action fraud will be notified. Remind him the reasonable notice given to him has lapsed and therefore you will take any steps necessary now to have him removed from your property.

Any clarification please do not hesitate to send your follow up message, I am glad to assist when needed, All the best.

Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Many thanks
Can you clarify which 'steps necessary' I may take or cause to have taken and when?

For tresspassers you would remove their clothes and put them where they can collect them and you would get a locksmith to change the locks.

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