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Dr. K.
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Hi - I am hypothyroid, currently on 175mg thyroxine per day.

Customer Question

Hi - I am hypothyroid, currently on 175mg thyroxine per day. I had a short synacthen test last year as my cortisol was very low (275), this came back as OK (cortisol went from 375 to 545). I was VERY stressed for this test as am needle phobic, could this have altered the test results?
I am currently very stressed with family issues and not dealing with this stress as I would like (I have a history of stress and anxiety). I have had a cold for 10 days and its not going, feeling light headed, very irritable, very bad headaches in back of my head at night, bad back ache in middle to low back, have had episodes of very dizzy when standing but only on and off, tummy aches, moody etc... and I think all this may relate to low cortisol and possibly andrenal fatigue. Please can you advise - many many thanks
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Endocrinology
Expert:  Dr. K. replied 4 years ago.
Hello and welcome to JA

1. What was your last Tsh level?

2. Your cortisol level and stimulation test appear normal. Remember that you cortisol is higher in the morning and lower in the afternoon.

3. Your symptoms are related to the viral infection that you have most likely. Many of them point to sinus infection.

4. The acth stimulation test can differentiate between normal function and no function at all. Its not good at picking up more minor deficiencies in adrenal function. Most women have normal adrenal function, abnormalities are more common past menopause.

5. If you want a better picture of how the adrenals are working, you would need cortisol and dhea levels done at a few times during the day.

6. Dhea can be used at a dose of 25-100 mg per day. It may help with your symptoms