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HiMy son is at CKD stage 3b botherline 4. It is visibly

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My son is at CKD stage 3b botherline 4. It is visibly obvious that this has affected his growth. I have noticed this for the past 12months. His growth profile has shown significant reduction in growth rate and his physical observations and feedback to him by people and his school mates is having significantly disturbing effect on him. He says he feels odd and his mates are helping him measure his arms legs etc to convince him something is wrong. I have noticed the retarded growth from onset of it about a year ago. I don't feel the hospital consultant put much count to what I say. my son is a good athlete with good circle of caring freinds and they don't even know he has CKD to live with and have made these observations.
I beleive he can undergo endocrine tests and have an effective treatment to intervene and correct this for him.
What are these tests? How can they be done to correct this quickly? I was told it is something that can be easily corrected with growth hormone. if so what type and how can he be treated effectively? What are possible side effects and how to best prevent them?
He is 15years old and will be 17 in January. He is increasingly unhappy now and has ask me to do something.
I also worry about his urea and creatinine levels in particular. How can these be reduced and controlled?
I wait anxiously for your quick reply. Thank you
Hi there,You are absolutely right in observing his lack of growth, it is very common with CKD. Growth hormone treatment for children with CKD is standard and could benefit from it, but only if he gets it in time before he finishes puberty development. At age 16 years, it may already be too late, but there is a chance.To be completely honest with you, this is way too complicated to explain right here, but the bot***** *****ne is your son needs to see a pediatric endocrinologist to have a full evaluation. Testing for growth hormone is also complicated and in my opinion not necessary in your case. Just take your son to see a good pediatric endocrinologist.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for this response

How do I find a good peadiatic endocrinologist? Could I ask his hospital consultant nephronogist to recommend a good peadiatric endocrinologist or could i approach a private hospital? what type of test would he expect?

You indicate he could start treatment in his case straight away. what are the treatment and possiblr side effects?

It is best to ask the Consultant Nephrologist for a referral. I expect there will be some blood tests to measure growth hormone related hormones, and likely an x-ray of the left hand to determine bone age.The treatment would be growth hormone injections, daily. Potential side effects would include headaches, scoliosis, and other rare effects.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

what is scoliosis and why is it a potentail risk?

My son is a keen and promising athlete with track record for his age group at national level. Will these risks affect him? But h is body is beginning to show disproportionate development well noticed. i am really in distress about this so please forgive me asking too may questions perhaps.

Scolisosis is curving of the spines, it can happen if the child is growing too fast. This is very rare and will be monitored, so don't worry about it.Your best energy is best utilized in finding a pediatric endocrinologist.Best of luck.
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