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My mum has congestive heart failure Is a diabetic on insulin humalo

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Hi my mum has congestive heart failure
Is a diabetic on insulin humalog and lantas
She has angina
But was not so bad but last 2 years she become quite I mobile. Out of breath and in pain, her complain was full body pain.
Last 6 months she has been very sleepy but would have a good day or 2 here and there
Last 3 months been very I mobile all ways said she isn't well.
Doctor was called a few times mum went a few times.
Feb 2 I took mum to a appointment to check thalasemia as she has been anemic for a long time.
Iasked nurse I'd she could get doctor to look at mum as she looked quite odematis her feet and hand and arms had pitting odema.
She said she wasn't concerned and book a routine appointment.
However two days after my mum could get out of bed she had gone my sisters but said she can't move she is very ill.
4 days went the only movement was toilets and also from bed to a chair for meals.
Later her face started to swell went round
We called ambulance and she was taken
Thank you for your question.Sorry to hear about your mother.From what you are telling me, it seems as though she is suffering from severe heart failure with her symptoms worsening.Combined with heart disease she also has Cushing's disease as well as kidney failure.It seems as though she is in a serious condition at the moment and may require intensive care if she has not already gotten that.I would recommend that she should have all blood tests done particularly looking at her kidney function and electrolytes along with a complete blood count.I would also like that she should have an ultrasound of her heart (echocardiogram) to see how the heart is functioning.I hope and pray that she gets well soon.This session is open for any further questions that you may have. The only way I am credited here by the website and the money that you have deposited is released is when you rate me.Therefore, I would appreciate a rating when you are done asking.Kindest regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Could you advice how could she be seen by endocrinologist early as she us on waiting list our gp told me to chase her appointment. When i did tge hospital said they need a fax ftom the doctor to say her condition has worsened. She was taken of frusemide at hospital due to her pottasium dropping. And the go has put her back in as her leg has started to leak water it's been two days and it continues.
I've told doctor he needs to fax as the Secretary of the endocrinology department said tge doctor needs to fax current condition which has clearly worsened and a request to expedite the appointment.
I agree with the hospital.You need to talk to the GP to fast-track her appointment.Sorry for the late response as I was offline.