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Every time I eat carbs my head feels like its going to

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Hi, Every time I eat carbs my head feels like its going to explode. I eat a very healthy diet, no refined sugars etc, but any carbs will bring these symptoms on.
I tried going off carbs completely but then developed hypoglycaemia and lost weight. I am slim anyway so difficult to manage with no carbs at all. As well as the head pressure, it causes me to have confusion, vertigo and can’t think straight. Feels like I have a helmet on my head. It last for about an hour, and if I drink lots of water seems to help the symptoms go quicker.
I recently had a full body check-up including scans, this was a 5 year top to bottom check. Nothing serious there. Bloods normal part from elevated cholesterol at 9.2, but there is a family history with this. All family have diabetes (parents and grandparents), I don't. I am 40, male, 11 stone, fairly fit, don't smoke, hardly drink alcohol, positive outlook and just want this clear up.
Been to a couple of GP's, but they look at me as though I am mad! In other words, they don't know. Any help or direction would be good.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have had a hormone test. And a A1C test. Both normal.
any other medical issues?
HelloI would try gluten free carbs only.And make sure you have no simple carbs.SoNo sugarsNot floursNo pastas. Only whole veggieswhole fruitWhole brown rice and wild riceWhole amaranthWhole quinoa, heirloom typeWhole fruits in season.This will avoid wheat, which has too many allergens.It will avoid barely and rye, which also have gluten.I am a double board certified clinical doctor, trained in integrative medicine and certified.Find me, Dr. Thomas, anytime.Please click a positive.Come back as needed.
Thanks for this questionI don't think we have fully ruled out a problem here with the blood testsYou can't totally avoid carbohydratesyou have to eat someDo whole grains do it too?
DocPhilMD, Medical Doctor
Category: Endocrinology
Satisfied Customers: 58756
Experience: Endocrinology Expert
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thanks for your message.Any sort of carbs do it. I can eat a little bit of carbs, say one piece of toast, two pieces will cause an issue. But this goes for rice (any type)... even potatoes! Deserts are well off the menu. So I know its not a gluten thing, as another doctor said it was that, but if it happens with any carbs then it can’t be that. I’ve had the celiac test anyway and that was negative, well, not enough inflammation markers. I was told that 50 is normal, 500 is celiac, I was 256. I don’t know what any of that means.Answering your other question, no I don't have any other medical issues apart from this head pressure after eating. I did have shortness of breath up until two months ago, but this was an allergy linked to dust/cats. I have sorted it.Any ideas?
There is a group out of Australia that has discovered a non celiac gluten sensitivityIt is common in people who have "IBS"Have you tried going gluten free?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes I've done the gluten free approach. It made no difference. I hardly have much gluten anyway, i eat only fresh foods and mainly meat and veg. Just some wholemeal bread in the morning.
Interesting. Maybe this is some type of allergy to carbsYou have other allergies
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I had scans back today, cyst on kidney, liver and pancreas. They are small, but would the pancreas be causes the issues with the head pressure? I know the pancreas regulates glucose, along with the liver, and if I get this every time I eat and with carbs its worse, could this be related?I am not sure where to go from here, and who I should see and what I should ask for. Any ideas?
That is an interesting theory.The pancreas most certainly regulates glucose
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Interesting, not really getting anywhere here.
I would recommend an insulin and c peptide level this would provide further information