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I have been looking into Adrenal overactivity and adrenal

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Hello! I have been looking into Adrenal overactivity and adrenal fatigue I have for as long as I can remember suffered fro what I felt what over active adrenal glands. It has in fact dominated my behaviour patterns. I have been suffereding chronic stress for many years and have had several hospital visits due to severe panic attacks. I am now a long term sufferer of depression. What can I go about getting tested? How can it be resolved

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello I am not sure how this works but I see that I have already paid £37 via PayPal! Do I have to pay even more to get some help?

I would see a doctor and get the following blood tests

1)ACTH level

2)cortisol level

3)24 hour urine cortisol

The first two should be done as close to 8 am as possible

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks. In the research I have been doing. Adrenal Fatigue seems to be considered by many as a mythical condition, as many practitioners feel about fibromyalgia. I do not have any acheing muscles and have in the main been quite fit and athletic. I do often have an ache around the kidneys. But I have always, even as a child felt surges of Adrenalin that made me almost pass out. This has got less significant as I have got older, but I have on reflection always had a certain baseline of anxiety and depression and had significant bags under my eyes since about 16 regardless of sleep. I have suffered insomnia for years though and seem to get a surge of energy in the evenings. I have self medicated with cannabis to combat this for many years. Could I have had over active adrenal glands as a child and am now suffering adrenal fatigue at 46?

Yes, this is possible

Doctors that don't believe in fibro or adrenal fatigue are just behind the times

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