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Asking on behalf of 10 year old child, with ASD, very low

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Asking on behalf of 10 year old child, with ASD, very low body weight < 1% BMI persistently since birth.
Is there a rapid blood test and rapid specialist appointment anywhere you can recommend in central London?
I'm actually struggling to find one, and this can't wait 6 weeks for NHS Endocrinology (although I will book him in, to get as many opinions as possible)
I want him tested this weekend and a consultation next week. Because, he is very cold and has reported pains in organs, and this has been undiagnosed for many years (I now suspect).

Good morning, I am Dr Ruff, thank you for contacting us today.

I am sorry to hear of this.

This may be a good option, however you will have to call them to see how long it will take to be seen. I suspect much quicker than 6 weeks though.

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
OK thanks I will try them.I have escalated at his GP for blood test (asked for this weekend, or earliest weekday). As you are Endocrinology you'll know better than anyone the fluctuations in the test, and some kids are not on the right meds. So I'll want him starting with pills (if needed) but getting doesages right as soon as we're able.
-Would you recommend fasting ahead of the blood test (if so, I can go for a 9am test for his breakfast right after)
-anything I can do, to help while he waits? All I can think of presently is not to wear him out or exacerbate lethargy
- any other general tips for parents

No problem. Fasting depends on what is being tested for? Also timing depends on what is being tested for.

What is on the blood test request?

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
TSH, T3, T4 is likely what the GP will do. Thyroid antibodies and FT4 FT3 might be thrown in as well.

So neither timing or fasting matters for these tests, so any blood test timing is fine for this.

I would suggest waiting on the blood results first, as without know the cause to the problem, it is unfortunately difficult to know what to advise.

Call that link this morning, there are other options, but this is specifically for Paediatric Endocrinology so I am hoping it will be of use.

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
indeed. Will call them at 8am when they are contactable. I've got Cromwell and another on my list as well.
3/4 autistic children have Thyroid problems and it may be passed from mum herself with thyroid dysfunction in pregnany.
I'm kind of shocked mainstream maternity does not pick up on this, leading to countless children having autism potentially exacerbated needlessly, by thyroid problems which are easily treated?!
Anyway- I'm not a medic so that's not something I can change! thanks for your help today

That is my pleasure. Hypothyroidism is very difficult to measure in infants, therefore there is no easy way to do this. However it is a very cheap test, so I am sure if there was significant evidence to support its use, it would have been used already.

The main disorders are tested for at birth following a heal prick.

All the best with this though and I hope that you do not need to wait for long.

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