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How do I raise my Haemoglobin and Red Blood Count levels

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How do I raise my Haemoglobin and Red Blood Count levels (other than by Iron-use)?I am on the waiting list for a Total Knee Replacement. For that, the surgical team want to raise my Haemoglobin and RBC ahead of the operation to minimize risk of needing transfusion later. My readings of these are currently at 119 g/L and 3.74 x 10/L (so not bad, but ideally they want Haemoglobin to be at 130+).The original plan had been to give me an Iron-Infusion, but in a recent blood test (attached for your reference), they found that my Iron and Ferritin levels are actually quite high (at 30.43umol/L and 397ug/L respectively) - so now they are opting against Iron infusion.So my question for you is: Is there other ways (other than by Iron) that I can increase my Haemoglobin and Red Blood Count (e.g. via certain supplements/vitamins/foods)?

Hi there,
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Erythropoietin therapy will be only option for you to achieve that level.

Dosage as below:

We typically begin EPO therapy three weeks before an elective procedure and provide three injections of 40,000 units or 300 to 600 units/kg of epoetin alfa once weekly, together with supplemental iron to avoid functional iron deficiency. If less than three weeks is available, we still administer EPO prior to the surgical procedure as it may still provide benefit.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Thank you. I have not heard of EPO therapy before. So for a patient of my scenario (female, 69yo) and blood-readings (attached) of 3.74 RBC, would I be an eligible candidate for it? Does EPO have any disadvantages/side-effects?

Yes you will be for elective surgery to achieve Hb 13

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Okay thank you.. and is there any common side-effects of it I should know about?

Any medication will have side effects --we balance between benefits and how to achieve the goal as no alternative available for you.

High blood pressure, blood clot should be monitored

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Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Okay thank you.