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Infrared detectorsHi, I need help by someone who is very

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Infrared detectorsHi, I need help by someone who is very knowledgeable with infrared sensors / detectors etc.I have bought a sleep mask that can detect when a person is in REM sleep (dreaming) The sleep mask has a small circuit board inside with an infrared detector that detects eye movement throughout the night. When the infrared detector picks up a lot of eyeball movement it then knows the person is dreaming and will flash 2 bright LED lights at the closed eyes allowing the dreamer to know when they are dreaming.The device is acurate and does what it says 'on the tin'Anyway, my issues are as follows. I am concerned that all night i have a electronic sensor constantly monitoring my eye for movement. The reason this is a concern is that it could damage the eye / long term problems etc. Im no expert but having infrared detector / device 1mm from the eye all night could be dangerous?This is a passage from their website ........... "The REM-Dreamer uses infrared sensors to detect when you are in REM (dreaming) sleep. At that point the REM-Dreamer gives you sound and light cues (beeps and flashing lights) to remind you that you are dreaming. Thus, external world stimuli are transferred to the world of your dreams, and it becomes easy to achieve lucidity"Please take a look at their website to get full details on this device, thanks youRemDreamer description - dreamer photos - you
HelloThere are two main types of detectors thermal and photonic both of which are what can be termed as a 'passive' devicelooking at circuit board I'd say they are using a thermal detection mechanism as the photonic type need coolingso there's no danger in having these devices close to the skin or eyeas a thermocouple is the most likely option as these are readily available and function by measuring the resistance of a wire junction as it expands with temperature
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I have a link to a forum discussion about this. Its vital that i know for sure if this is a danger or not
Hello having read the forum I'd agree with the poster 'analog kid' IR receivers tend to be thermal / heat based and don't generate any magnetic field or other radio frequencies which could be dangerousfrom the information provided I'd say the device is safe but to be sure why not contact the manufacturer directly ?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, i did contact the manufacturer and they replied with the following'infrared is 100% safe'... but they would say that I guess!
Well yes but then they do have a duty of care too from everything I 've seen on this product I'd say its safe for its intended use
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