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I hope this fits as an engineering question? My question

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I hope this fits as an engineering question?
My question is: Can a storm - Wind or Rain - impact or collide with, say, a Tree? The reason I ask is that I have a fallen tree in the garden, My insurance covers impact and collision, but the claim has been refused:
"You have provided the definition of impact from the Collins English Dictionary which states impact as the act of a body or object colliding with another. Wind is not an object or body so would not fall into this definition."
So, I am hoping Newton and Einstein can tell the Insurance company otherwise?
sorry to say that the insurance company is correct impact is defined as a collision between 2 solid bodies wind is the motion of air currents moving from high to low pressure areas with no solid bodies involved unfortunately insurance companies will try and wriggle off the hook given any opportunity now if the damage was caused another object carried by the wind then thats another matter
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