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The formation of vortices are known and graphed for depth

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The formation of vortices are known and graphed for depth and velocity of water entering the pump suction. The pressure above the water in the well is always given at atmospheric pressure (1 bar). Are vortices formed more readily if the pressure is reduced to say 0.5 bar and what happens if the pressure is increased to say 2 bar.
It can be imagined that at higher pressures vortices would form at a shallower depth. Are there any formula for this?


typically vortice formation is lessened in a high pressure medium so you are correct in saying that if the local pressure was reduced to 0.5bar absolute then the size and strength of the vortice will be greater

if the local pressure is at 2 bar then more force is required to initiate the vortex spin

as for calculation of when this occurs then Wiki can help

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