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lyndaew, Dancer
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Lyndathank you again solid advice, it was very

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hi Lynda
thank you again for your solid advice, it was very helpful
can i ask you a question about jobs in the uk and benefits?
Absolutely! Please let me know what questions you have. :)
lyndaew and other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i was wondering, what's teh best place to work at, as far as work benefits go?
im still conversing with the proper people to get a visa to the uk, but if i can get one, where should i start work ideally?
Well I think your best port of call, would be a position in a goverment run organisation, like the NHS or as a civil servant, such as a local council where you plan to move toMost, perhaps all of which, have online websites to faciliate that kind of job searchDid you have an idea as to where you would like to move to when you do get to the UK?You have to bear in mind the price/cost of living, London being the most expensive area, of course.Do you prefer a quieter area, like a small town/village, or a big city like London?
The government has it's own job search page which might be of some use, it will give you an idea of where there's lots of jobs going.
Oh and there's also agencies like Reed, who list jobs for employers, they can give you some great advice and job hunting tips, when you get your visa, you might only get tempoary work to begin with, but work can lead to permanent employment!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you so much for the information, it was very helpful, i contated reed yesterday and they gave me some great advice!