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What about a lazer printer for work purposes? or would an

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what about a lazer printer for work purposes? or would an ink one do?????

Hi Mike,

Lasers are USUALLY preferred over inkjets for business printing, they usually excel at text and graphic printing

Plus you also don't get the same issues as you do with inkjets, like cartridges drying up

I have a wireless one in my office and it can go without being used for weeks on end and when we start using it, it hasn't degraded or changed at all.

Infact it still runs off the original starter toners from almost 2 years ago!

Do you need colour? What about a budget? does it need network/wireless?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
uh i would sa yes to colour, just incase, we do occasionally use graphs!
budget, same as the inkjet range, if possible, but we can go a bit higher!
network yes, not wireless =)


If you can stretch to the £250 mark, I recommend this one -

It has everything you need and is a good, solid brand.

OR, you can go for this one -

It meets all the requirements you need.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ye my HP ink one broke down just after a year, so I would rather go for the brother. =)