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JoseMagadan, Attorney
Category: European Law
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I think I was scammed in Tenerife last week but no money has

Customer Question

I think I was scammed in Tenerife last week but no money has changed hands but I did sign a contract just so I could get me my daughter and grandkids out of their offices... How legally binding is this so called contract ???
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: European Law
Expert:  JoseMagadan replied 4 years ago.

José M Spanish attorney.

Do not worry too much about the signed contract, in spain we have very hard laws which defend the consumers rights

Tell me more about the facts, how it was, on line, in the business office, do you have a writting copy.... and I will advice.

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It was in Los Cristianos we were approached by someone with scratchcards he gave them to us then told us very quickly that we had won prizes ie cigarettes alcohol electrical items (ipod laptops etc) or a holiday or a large amount of money... he told us we had to go to information centre to collect but that then became the offices, where we would be taken free of charge and returned, when we had watched a presentation we would be given our prizes... we were taken to a hotel type complex with offices on the lower level... we were supplied a drink and separated from our daughter and 2 grandchildren, (they were taken to where they could play games or go on computers) we were then told about Impact services Spain/ Gold Crown Resort holidays and how they could cut out the middle man and supply us holidays at cost price as long as we joined their club at a price of £4950 for life time membership... we said we couldn't afford this right now so a short term offer was given to us of £2950 for a 2 yrs membership which would be bought of us if we decided to go for the life time membership at a later date...They just would not take no for an answer... I just wanted to get out of this place with my family safely so we eventually under duress and fear signed this 2 yrs agreement.... I have bought all the paperwork home with me and have checked it several times and cannot find anything that says I can write to cancel our agreement in any way...( in uk we have a "cooling off" period ) I did NOT hand over any money or any bank or card details but they do have my address and phone numbers... I await your help and reply.... Thankyou

Expert:  JoseMagadan replied 4 years ago.

Well Sir.

Its ilegal at all in the way the facts you tell they happened

Take a look in the aplicable law RDL 1/2007 about contracts made out of the business place

You have a lot of rights there to be respected

Link to the law in english

Revised Tex of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users (Ley General para la Defensa de Consumidores y Usuarios) (PDF. 1.62 MB)

Read carefully Chapter IV art 107 and more and take a good notice of all the rights of you they are forgotten. This rights can no be forgotten at all, according to spanish law

You could denounce them in the consumer prottection office of Gran Canaria

In this link you got all the adresses

Go to the closer one and denounce this company

Best regards, XXXXX XXXXX be here if needed

Thank you