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Thegonnec, Industrial Tribunal Judge
Category: European Law
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Experience:  15 years experience as a judge with Paris Industrial Tribunal
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I purchased a Korg digital piano in June 2012. It was intermittently

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I purchased a Korg digital piano in June 2012. It was intermittently faulty almost from the word 'go', but I thought it would right itself. Recently the fault has worsened. The high street sellers refuse to take any responsibility. Since it cost £400, I expected fault-free working for something like ten-twenty years. A single note is faulty; so it can't be 'wear and tear'. What are my rights?

Thegonnec :

EU law sets a 2 year guarantee on defective equipment. Within the first 6 months the retailer must assume all responsibility if a defect is brought forward. If a defect appears between 6 months and 24 months after the purchase, the consumer may have to prove that the defect was not caused by improper use or by wear and tear. The consumer may have to enlist the assistance of an expert (if the equipment is proved faulty by the expertise, the cost of the expertise will be reimbursed to him/her.

Thegonnec :

The important point is whether you have notified the retailer of a defect before the expiration of the 24 month period by recorded delivery mail or such provable manner.


Thank you. That does not seem to be reasonable cover for an item of this nature. I would have expected a right of free repair for five years, at least.

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