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Accompanied by my husband I have recently flown Marseiles via

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Accompanied by my husband I have recently flown Marseiles via Paris Orly for a Cruise.Before travelling I made arrangements to use my brand new Mobie scooter in the airports to ensure my personal independence. Travelling out I had no problem but returning via EXACTLY THE SAME AIRPORTS an Air France member of the cabin crew refused me access to my scooter and insisted I had to go in a wheelchair. I asked three times to be given my scooter and three times he refused. He said I had to go in a wheelchair and I refused on principle. I had (and still have) all the paperwork from my scooter permitting me to use my electric scooter in the airport. I just about managed to get round the airport but it seriously affected my dignity and I was in quite a state by the time I arrived at the Flybe air flight back from Orly to Southampton breathless and weak. They made a a note of my condition and complained to Air France.
My husband and I complained at the Air France baggage in Orly but they were most difficult. I pointed out that they may be breaking regulations with regard to European Disability Law
and that I intended to take action if that is the case.
Can you advise me on theEuropean Disability Law and where I could go to obtain advice etc.
The European disability laws and case law by the European court state that airlines must ensure that their flights and accessible to disabled persons. Yet, based on security or convenience reasons (speed boarding for other passengers, cabin luggage restrictions,...), and depending on the type of aircraft used or cabin lay-out or gate standards, cabin crew, under the authority of the captain of the aircraft may impose that boarding of persons requiring special assistance to use equipment provided by the airline or its subcontractors and board according to procedures decided by the airline and/or the captain on duty.
Simply put, an airline cannot refuse that you board its flight because of your disability unless it imperils other passengers... (any many airlines have been condemned on this basis) but the crew or the airline can request that your personal equipment be loaded directly in the hold and that you be assisted for boarding with company/airport equipment. Of course, it would be better if it was tactfully explained.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had previously obtained permission to use my electric scooter from the airport.

I was accepted to fly on the return flight from Marseilles after the baggage receivers tried to stop me. I spoke to their suprvisor who spoke English and se said we had a choice of two ways foreword. 1. We could do as the baggage people wanted or 2. we could choose to do what we had arranged with the airport and use my electric scooter. We chose no. 2. it was not till we arrived at Orly Paris that the purser refused me access to my electric scooter.

a} I was offered a wheelchair but why would I need that when I had pre arranged permission from the airport to use my electric scooter ?

b} Where can I obtain a copy of EU Disability laws ?