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I might just have done something stupid and need some

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Good morning, I might just have done something stupid and need some guidance. Yesterday, I was waiting in line at a set of traffic lights, when on the outside lane, a car hit my mirror and bumper slightly, and just drove off, for about 150-200 yards to the traffic lights. At this moment I lost my temper, got out of the car and run to the car that hit me asking for an explanation, or expecting at least an apology( in which case I would’ve returned to my car and continue my trip) which of course didn’t come but in face she started laughing at me. She was with another’s person in the car. I’ve asked then if she’s in her right mind, and gave me a few swearing words, so I kicked her mirror and returned to my car. I’ve realised that i went a bit far, but now I’m wondering what might happen?
Hello, thanks for the questionDid she take your details and did she say she would speak to the Police? She may have done so already but I doubt it would come to anything. Worst case is she says you caused criminal damage and the Police speak to you - if you admitted to it you may be given a caution.All this depends of course whether she did report to the Police or not and whether she took your details. If not then you wouldn’t hear any more about it.I hope this helps. If you can accept the answer and give me a star rating I can offer unlimited follow up Q&A’s at no extra chargeKind regardsJim
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you very much for your reply, I hope you’re well. Yes she reported to police, they came round my house Saturday and basically told me that they don’t really want to get involved and have me her detailes and advised me to discuss with her on email and possibly pay for the damages I’ve caused.
I am now in the position where I don’t know how to talk with her. I had my car in garage for service and I’ve asked them to print me out a quote on a new mirror, so I was thinking to write her an email and agree to pay for her mirror as long as she pays for mine providing the quote I was given by garage. What are your thoughts ? Thank you very much.

Hello again, yes, the Police have therefore said to you in effect this is a civil matter.

I would propose an offer to her by email - if you want to I can draft one for you but it should be easy enough. I would mark it "without prejudice save as to costs" on the email header, so that if the matter it litigated and goes to court, you can refer the email to the court upon the issue of cost if you win

Let me know anyway. If you can accept the answer and give me a star rating, I can offer unlimited follow up Q&A's.

Kind regards,


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Customer: replied 11 months ago.
If you could I’ll really appreciate it .

You could draft something such as :

"Dear (name of driver),

Without Prejudice Save as to Costs

I refer to the incident on 4th August 2018 at (time) on (location). I have taken the opportunity to seek legal advice. Given the interaction between our respective vehicles, I was hoping that you would stop and exchange details, as per the law. I have also spoken with the Police on (date), who suggest that this is a civil liability matter. Liability is not admitted, however, in an effort to reach an amicable conclusion, I propose the following:

1. I will pay for the reasonable cost of the mirror to your vehicle please provide a quote for repairs); and

2. You agree to pay for the cost to mine (quote attached), within 14 days.

3. Upon agreement to 1 and 2 above, the matter is concluded in full and final settlement.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely, "