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I would like to remove a set of incorrect company accounts

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Hello, I would like to remove a set of incorrect company accounts filed at Companies House. I have already filed a N208 form with my local county court and the county court has sent some documentation to companies house. But companies house is now saying I need to write a draft court order addressed to Companies House directing them to remove the accounts. How can I write a draft court order when I am not a judge/member of a court? Any advice would be helpful because as I thought filling out the n208 form was all I needed to do to remove the accounts from the register. But it seems there are more steps in the process. Thank you.

Good afternoon. Welcome to just answer. I am a solicitor and reviewing your question now for you.

You should have attached a draft order with your application so you will have to wait for decision if the court hasn’t issued an order yet. If you were represented to file the the n208 then your solicitor should have known to file the draft order too but if you were a litigant in person you wouldn’t have known unless legally trained. Any follow up please do not hesitate to send your message. All the best.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I wanted to know what I should do now not what should have been done in the past. I am seeking a timeline or summary of the next steps in the process so I know what to expect. What has happened so far:1. I have completed n208 form and sent to local county court.
2. I have received a copy of the form back from county court and county court has also sent a copy to companies house.
3. Companies house has asked me to send them a draft court order.My Question is :
- How many more steps remain in the process before the accounts can be removed from companies house? A lot of sites and blogs make it seem like filling in a
n208 form is all that is required but seems not to be the case. A complete overview of the process would be helpful for myself and anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation. Thanks.

Hi, thank you for your message and being clearer on what you are asking. What you should send to companies house is the draft Consent Order stating 1. parties agree for the proceedings to be stayed pending satisfaction of the order 2. Companies house to remove the accounts from their records within 7 days of date when both parties have signed the Draft  Order 3. Each party to meet their own costs.

Both parties sign and date and you send to court for court to consider and if happy to seal and companies house would then be obliged to remove the accounts

if there is no draft order agreed then you should expect to get further directions from court to complete directions questionnaire

You could be invited to mediate

You get a hearing date

you prepare witness statements and documents relied on and file with the court and serve on companies house. They will do the same

You pay hearing fee which the court notifies you of

you attend hearing, you either win or lose and if you win companies get 30 days to remove the accounts if you lose that would be self explanatory that the accounts remain as filed.
all the best

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