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I need advice with regards to a matter involving my partners

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I need advice with regards ***** ***** matter involving my partners ex and her father for awhile now I've had my partners daughter spreading malicious rumours about me with her father even doing so to her mum it's got so bad that her dad on 3 separate occasions has tried to run me over while my partners was there twice also has been frightening with txts about killing me having me shot put in a body bag thrown into the canal he also been stalking me my partner has had this with him for years only a few month ago she.phoned police on him and shown them over 700 texts of which he was verbally abusing her and me with frieghts of killing me some horrendous disgusting accusations and frieghts towards us both even admitting that he's tried to kill me he also constantly phones the police social accusing both us of all sorts he has been put on dv was arrested and it was suppose to go court the police had all the evidence plus he has prior of doing this with my partner he has no proof and be proven to be liar the police seized his phone with all the proof but he still phoning them and social accusing me of it and the police keep hirrasing me trying to arr3st me I've even got recorded evidence of when they were phone by my partners daughter on her mum yet her dad accused me the police met up with me my partner and two youngest she was in tears they said it had nothing do with me I wasn't mentioned but as always they took my partner in car made me sit with other police man and did another domestic violent check on me to the point trying to coherce into saying I was why all the time telling me I wasn't mentioned didn't have out to do with all this is audio recorded yet my partners been told now despite sll the evidence admissions looking like he's not gonna get charged nor even going to court he is still frightening me and spreading lies even paying people to hurt me what are my rights how can I go about defending myself and my partner and two younger children ?

Hello! My name is***** am specialized in international legal advice and today I am going to help you with your inquiry.

Dear client, your case is a bit complicated. I have to investigate several details before giving you an advice. As soon as I have a clear answer, I will be happy to respond to your query.

In the meantime, if you have any other important information to tell me, it would be very helpful.

Thank you for trusting JustAnswer!

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
What I've written is just the highlight reel its alot worse it seems that I'm being victimised of the police thru having mental health problems which is discrimination since all this I've also been diagnosed with several health problems serious ones and still having tests done for more her ex his family by all achore are quite wealthy and he has ties with unscrupulous people ie people involved with drugs and guns I've had people in cars slowing down looking at me doing the gun sign but police don't seem to care he and her have spread that much lies about me I can barely walk down my street with freights or stares or being called allsorts even in shops assistants being very off and abrupt with me cos of the rumours which are very unpleasant life destroying and hurtful

Dear client, I am very sorry to hear that you are going through this situation. In this case, since you have filed a complaint, I recommend that you apply for a restraining order against these people. A restraining order prohibits these people from approaching the places you usually go to, such as your neighborhood, place of work, etc. They will also be prohibited from any kind of contact with you, whether through a means of communication, verbal, physical and visual. This restraining order can also protect your children.

I know this whole situation is difficult, I recommend you talk to a psychologist about this so that it does not affect your health even more. You must continue to insist with the police, show them all the evidence you have so that a judge can grant you this restraining order.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
A restraining order was put in place for my partner both pur houses were put on flag with them so police would be put straight away but they won't tell me nothing or let me know only goes thru my partner they have just told her that the investigations complete despite all our evidence and his admissions there not taking it any further action now were at a loss

Dear client, if the police have decided not to proceed with investigations, you should wait to gather more incriminating evidence to establish a stronger case.

Here I share with you this link where there are several contacts where you can go for legal help and emotional support for this type of situation:

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Thank you

I hope you found this information useful, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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