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Dr. Chip
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I had an operation for a retinal detachment in my right eye

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I had an operation for a retinal detachment in my right eye on Feb 14 of this year.
The surgeon said the op would be more difficult as it involved the macula. The detachment was repaired with a gas bubble. My sight is about 25/30% of normal.
I had a check up 2 weeks ago and the surgeon said all seemed well. However I continue to have some worrying symptoms which I've listed below.
Could you please tell me which are a cause for concern and will need me to inform the hospital before my next appointment in 2 months time.
1.Over the past few weeks I've noticed my sight has been getting mistier.
Objects are less clear than 2 or 3 weeks ago.
2. Since the operation flickering round shapes have increasingly appeared. More so in daylight less at night. Typically size varies from a half to 1 cm. Sometimes just coalesce
into a large flickering mass always in the same part of the eye (lower right quarter).
Will stay for a while and then disappear reappearing a while later.
3.The image in my right eye is lower down (does not match) the other eye. Consequently I've no depth perception
4. Straight lines eg door frames etc are a little distorted/ bent.
5.Objects appear smaller eg the height of my car is less than it really is.
Many thanks
Terry Stevens
Hi Terry--can you first tell me what your vision was like before the operation?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had about 60% vision before the operation. During the week of the retinal detachment it went down to about 10%. After the operation it was about 30% and has since reduced to about 25%.

OK--can you tell me exactly what the surgeon said at your last visit? I assume he did a full examination of the eye?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The surgeon who did my operation gave me the usual eye exam and said that everything was currently okay.

And just one more thing Terry--your lens in that eye is fine with no cataract?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had a combined cataract and vitrectomy operation in early December 2013 when a vitreous haemorrhage instead of clearing went opaque and blinded me in that eye. As far as I'm aware the new lens is okay.

I've had a whole series of haemorrhages since 2009 but all had partially cleared.

OK Terry Sorry for all the questions and we can continue after this if you need to. Most of your description is exactly what I would suspect from your surgery especially since it was near the macula. You still have some inflammation and bulging in that area and that should resolve in time. It also sounds like you may have a mild problem with some of your eye muscles and that's the cause of the depth perception problem, but that, too, should resolve in time. A little of this sounds like a cataract problem but I'm going to assume that the surgeon thinks your lens is fine. BotXXXXX XXXXXne here--given time your problems should all resolve.
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