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is the dvla field of vision test for group 2 done with both

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is the dvla field of vision test for group 2 done with both eyes open
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No, the field of vision test is not done with both eyes open. It is tested for each eye separately by closing the other eye.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


thanks for answer,one more question do they use the same field of vision chart for both eyes open and each eye separately.

Hello Mike,
I am sorry to have shared the above information in error. I am glad that you have asked a follow up question which made me search more in detail about your query. Esterman binocular test for field of vision is done with both eyes open and monocular full field chart is done exceptionally
( which means that each eye will not be tested unless there is a specific requirement). However the test results are different for group 2 ( G2 vehicles being LGV and PCV).
The above link gives the details of the test and the requirements for group 2 drivers.
The test consists of responding to small flashes of light by pressing on a button while looking straight ahead ( while wearing your regular spectacles if any).
If you feel that your question is still not satisfactory then I would suggest you to use the below link for a detailed answer .
Sorry once again for not having cross checked my answer prior to sending it. However I have verified the above information with the DVLA’s current medical guidelines for professionals - Vision appendix, last updated in August 2013.
Have a good day.
Here is some more information regarding the Esterman binocular test for -
Group 2 drivers
The 2nd European Directive requires a normal binocular field of vision for Group 2 drivers and this standard is applied in the UK. Using the binocular Esterman program, the Group 2 driver should be able to achieve a full binocular visual field with no missed spots at all in the central 20°. Any missed spots in the peripheral field should be carefully analysed to ensure that these are not artefactual due to
eyelids or spectacle frames. Some missed spots in the peripheral field may be compatible with a normal functional binocular visual field. Any visual field defect which correlates with a known pathology cannot be regarded as a normal visual field. Unlike the situation that exists for exceptional cases to be considered for Group 1 licences, there are no exceptional cases allowed for Group 2 licences.
Thank you and best wishes