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My son is having problems with his eyes. He is constantly

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My son is having problems with his eyes. He is constantly getting stys and has two or three at a time on the same eye although both are effected. We have visited our Doctor and Optiyion several times but they seem to think it isn't that big a deal. He has had they atleast every two week since the age of one and is now seven. His eyes are constantly sore,sticky and losing lashes. I would like to send pictures to show the extent if this is possible?
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Please see enclosed screen shots


The recurrent stye occurs due to infection caused by an organism called staphylococcus. If a child is rubbing his eyes frequently, then this infection keeps on recurring. The cause for frequent rubbing are -

- allergies. If child is prone to eye allergies he will keep on rubbing his eye

- need for spectacles

In cases of recurrent styes, treatment is long. First of all, he needs an eye examination. If there is need of spectacles, then he needs to use them regular. If he is prone to eye allergies, then he needs a long term treatment for eye allergies. This will take care of the cause.

To treat the present styes, he needs antibiotic ointments and if need oral antibiotics. In recurrent cases, usually doxycycline is given for 3 weeks. The oral antibiotics and antibiotic ointments are available on prescription only.

In the meantime, do warm compresses. Clean his eye lashes with diluted no tears baby shampoo. Dilute it in ratio of 1:6 with water. Dip the cotton and clean the area of eyelashes gently. If he rubs his eyes frequently, then you ca use anti-allergy eye drops that are available OTC like Visine - A/ naphcon-A etc.

I would recommend to get a second opinion with an eye doctor and get his treated for recurrent styes, since most of the medicines that he needs are on prescription

Hope this information is helpful


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