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James Mather
James Mather,
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Good morning. My husband and i separated in July 2011. I originally

Customer Question

Good morning. My husband and i separated in July 2011. I originally asked him to leave in Oct. 2010. He refused. He then started an affair of which i finally confronted him in the July and he agreed to leave. He has since separating paid the energy bills for the home inc. the phone contracts for the two children. One daughter who is 19 is in Uni just started and our son is 15. I paid and have paid since he left all household bills including the mortgage and life insurance, all other insurances inc pet insurance and council tax. I had a loan in my name for my husband three years ago and he has always paid the £318 into my account without fail. Yesterday i noticed that this has not been paid and now he is refusing to pay as he has found out i get Working tax credit and seems to think i have a lot of money. After paying all bills inc. credit card and a loan also i have approx. £400 left which takes into account the working tax credit payment of which i get because i am on my own. He does live with the other woman and he earns approximately £34,000 and she earns in excess of£23,000. They rent somewhere at the moment for £100 per week. I have had to recently pay for a new boiler which was £1800 and he would not contribute so that has left me in some debt for now. the money that he has not paid this month was food money and also towards christmas gifts for my two children. When he left his mother had given him and his two siblings £10,000 each to "hold" as she was claiming benefit and didn;t want it means tested. He spent his £10,000 and is saying that I am responsible for paying half of that back and that is what he is taking the £318 per month for. Can you tell me my legal position please. At the moment he is as i said paying energy bills gas, water, electric, phone contracts, internet(which can be shut down) and also he pays half towards Sky which i also pay half. My outgoings are in excess of £1000 per month with mortgage and life insurance at £556. My take home pay is £1353. My son is very upset and also my daughter this morning. I literally have no money left in the bank at the moment except for the council tax which goes out on 28 November. Thank you for any advice. I do actually work closely with a solicitor for the local authority but not for this sort of advice, .He comes to the house and walks in when he feels like it and i feel that i have to stay in a different room until he leaves.


Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 5 years ago.
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