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James Mather,
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my 18yr old daughter moved back in with me 2 weeks ago with

Customer Question

my 18yr old daughter moved back in with me 2 weeks ago with her fiancé & baby daughter - child is 4 weeks old & I love her to bits, & would do anything for her..... but Dad has a bad record & even though I gave him the 'benefit of the doubt', it's not working..... plus, I hate to say this but my daughter, although she loves her to bits, is totally out of control & would still look take her man over her babe - social services are involved - what do I do ???? & can I get guardianship ??? really want to keep this babe
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  UKfamsol replied 4 years ago.
Hello and thanks for your question.

I need a bit more information before I can answer. Sorry for so many questions, but I want to give you the best possible reply.

1. What is the involvement of social services?

2. Has there been any court proceedings about the baby? If so, are there any court orders - and what do the orders say?

3. What is dad's "bad record"?

4. How old is dad?

5. Do either dad or your daughter have any other kids, and if so, who looks after those kids?

6. I understand you to say that both your daughter with her baby AND her fiancé are now living with you - what do you mean when you say "it's not working"?

7. How long have they been together?

8. Is the dad named as father on the birth certificate?

Once you let me have the above info, I may not be able to respond immediately as I have to go out do some shopping etc - but I will get back to you either by the end of today, or tomorrow morning.